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The Impossible Quiz PGI

See if you can crack the impossible quiz in this trivia game
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18 August 2009

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Since a long time, quizzes have constituted the best contests for testing the player’s sharpness, IQ and knowledge. A quiz may be based on a variety of topics like science, maths, geography, business, economy, aptitude and others which may have been designed to test a person`s general knowledge. Many of the quiz contests are popular as exciting TV shows which gain a lot of TRP from the viewers. If you think you have got the real brains to beat any type of quiz, then you must try solving The Impossible Quiz PGI v.1.000, which would definitely put you on toes by posing a number of challenging questions from a myriad of topics.

Impossible Quiz PGI v.1.000 is a freeware flash based quiz game which unlike many other quiz games, covers a range of topics and thus it aims to test your overall knowledge and aptitude. The background of the game has been inspired by the popular quiz game series ‘Who wants to be a millionaire’ with a hot seat facing a computer screen in the center of a room. Each question that you get comes with four choices among which, one option is the correct answer for the question. All you have to do is to click on the correct answer for the question among the four options and head to the next one. You have only two chances for wrongly answering a question and upon the depletion of these two chances, you are required to start over the quiz again. If you answer all the questions correctly, then you become the ultimate quiz master of this game.

Impossible Quiz PGI v.1.000 is overall, a nice game which will come as a hard quiz even to the highly talented and knowledgeable person, leading it to score four and a half rating points on the scale of five.

Publisher's description

See if you can unravel the impossible quiz and triumph in this trivia/puzzles game.
This game is the first of a series of quizzes and puzzle games from Play Games Instantly (PGI). An interesting fact for the day is that people sometimes like to spell quiz as quizz.
Answer all of the questions correctly to win and become the ultimate quiz master, but remember that you only have two lives throughout the entire quiz.
If you answer incorrectly you will lose one life. If all lives are lost then you will need to start over!
Fortunately if you need to start the quiz over your lives will be replenished.
The Impossible Quiz PGI
The Impossible Quiz PGI
Version 1.0
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